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Episode 22: Jason King on Sean's Outpost and How Tech is Changing Charitable Work, published 9 years ago

On this week's episode, we share our adventures in decentralization at SXSW and Blockchain University, analyze the intriguing new bitcoin startup 21, and discuss the growing adoption of Bitcoin and blockchain technology from college campuses to tech giants to Polish telecom companies. Then Sean's Outpost founder Jason King joins us to discuss bitcoin's impact on charity on the second anniversary of his groundbreaking crypto-based homeless outreach effort.

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The DECENTRALIZE team covers P2P shipping services Kanga and Roadie and the delight of tinkering with Raspberry Pi computers and open source hardware on this 21st episode of the podcast. We then delve into our own fascinations with space and discovering the meaning and limits of the final frontier.

This week on DECENTRALIZE, we are joined by guest co-host Dr. Jack Peterson of the Augur Project as we discuss documentary-maker Morgan Spurlock's recent show on Bitcoin, last week's Net Neutrality decision, and the potential political misuse of blockchain technology. We also announce the release of our new website, where listeners can now download Torrents for this and all previous shows.

This week's episode begins with some reflections on the character and significance of Edward Snowden in the wake of Citizenfour's recent Academy Award win. We then cover the recent revelations of the NSA and GCHQ's hack of cellphone SIM card encryption keys and discuss alternatives for secure messaging. With the FCC's imminent ruling on ISP regulation looming, we offer our different decentralization perspectives on the issue of Net Neutrality and state intervention. Finally, Augur Project Lead Developer Joey Krug joins us to talk about his history in crypto and his current work in building the world's first decentralized prediction market platform.

We discuss Google Fiber, the challenges to decentralized internet access, the prospects for the adoption of bitcoin by companies like Spotify and Facebook, and the glories of bulletin board systems and the early Internet. Then filmmaker and entrepreneur Naomi Brockwell joins us to share her unique take on the intersection of liberty, art, economics, and technology.

This week we take on the news of Ross Ulbricht's conviction and its significance for free trade and decentralized platforms. We also discuss the growing sharing economy, the backlash against it, and the steps necessary to build fully peer to peer markets. Then Jeremy Gardner joins us to discuss his founding of the College Cryptocurrency Network and his participation in the Augur Project.

The DECENTRALIZE team gathers again this week to discuss decentralized prediction market platform Augur, UnSystem's new DarkLeaks project, the Open Source Seed Initiative, and the place of Microsoft's Project Hololens in the move toward augmented reality technology. We are then joined by David Bailey, CEO and founder of BTC Media, for a discussion of what's next for YBitcoin and Bitcoin Magazine as the need for education on bitcoin technology grows in step with its adoption.

Today's episode covers the recent major funding round for Coinbase and its implications for bitcoin's relationship to Wall Street, the ongoing puzzle of Cicada 3301, developments from the first two weeks of the Ross Ulbrict trial, and a new P2P app that is promising a better quality of life for the visually impaired. Then we talk about the present and future of bitcoin with Erik Voorhees - entrepreneur, thinker, and writer at Money and State.

The DECENTRALIZE team covers the decline of the Russian Ruble, discusses the future of content creation in the aftermath of the Pirate Bay shutdown, and gives its predictions for the fortunes of bitcoin in 2015. Then, entrepreneur Isaac Morehouse joins the show to tell us about Praxis, a new alternative to higher education.

We talk about Microsoft's move to accept bitcoin and Reddit's dabblings in cryptocurrency. Then Paige Peterson joins us to discuss her work to decentralize the internet with the MaidSafe project.

On today's episode we chat with Sam Patterson of decentralized marketplace OpenBazaar. We also introduce the newest member of the DECENTRALIZE team and talk about the EFF, what we are thankful for, and decentralized bitcoin exchanges.

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