Episode 29: Susanne Tempelhof and Dan Metcalf

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On this episode of DECENTRALIZE, we take some tenuous steps into the space between technology and political theory. Our discussion begins with an exploration the persistent popularity of virtual worlds and their significance to individual freedom. We launch from there into a brief intro to panarchy – the laissez faire governance theory proposed by a French guy in the 19th century(Paul Emile de Puydt, http://bit.ly/1AQbTsq).

We have our first double-guest booking this week (with a few small hiccups along the way), with Dan Metcalf of blockchain networking project Blocknet (http://blocknet.co/) and digital payments project XCurrency (http://bit.ly/1IsBKhZ) as well as Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof of alternative governance startup BitNation (http://bit.ly/1FeFNhq). In our interview, we talk to these founders about the inspiration, challenges, and goals of their work in the field of blockchain applications.

Special Guests: Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof and Dan Metcalf Hosted By: Tony Sakich, James Walpole, & Eric Martindale Produced By: Chaz Ferguson Music By: Toni Leys

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