Episode 33: Julia Tourianski

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This episode was recorded in the wake of the assignment of a double life sentence for alleged Silk Road creator Ross Ulbricht. We share our reactions to the chilling effect of the sentencing proceedings and discuss our feelings on what this means for us and for others interested in building a more peaceful and decentralized world.

Julia Tourianski joins us to talk about her experiences as an activist and filmmaker challenging power structures through her blog and YouTube channel Brave the World, where she covers topics ranging from armed self-defense to anarchism. We also ask her about her participation in the "Free Ross" movement that has arisen organically over the course of Ulbricht's imprisonment, and she shares some ways (see full notes below) that decentralists can support Ross and his family even after the sentencing.

Special Guest: Julia Tourianski Hosted By: Tony Sakich, James Walpole, & Eric Martindale
Produced By: Chaz Ferguson Music By: Toni Leys and Rage Against the Machine

Want to support Ross in prison? Tomorrow (06/05/15) Julia will be sending a care package of printed screenshots of tweets, comments, and stories sent to @BraveTheWorld on Twitter or directed through her contact page at BraveTheWorld.com.

If you're listening to this show at a later time, you can still support Ross and his family by donating to his Defense Fund or by directing letters to the address listed at FreeRoss.org.

Check out these links from the show:

Brave the World: http://bravetheworld.com/
Brave the World on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/BraveTheWorldChannel
Brave the World on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bravetheworld

The Official Legal Defense Fund of the Ulbricht Family: http://freeross.org/
"Ross is Our Socrates" by Jeffrey Tucker: http://tucker.liberty.me/ross-is-our-socrates/
"Anarchy Lives: Rojava" by Brave the World: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcLPyfgXBAk&feature=youtu.be
Ross Ulbricht's LinkedIn Page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rossulbricht

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