Episode 37: Manuel Araoz

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In this week's episode, we discuss the failure of central planning in the midst of the Greek debt crisis and the future of ownership in a digital world. Tony gives his review of Apple Music, and the interminable debate over the relative value of open source technology and user-friendly services continues...

Former coworker and friend of the DECENTRALIZE team Manuel Araoz joins the show this week to discuss Streamium, a decentralized, peer to peer paid video streaming service built with bitcoin payment channels.

Special Guest: Manuel Araoz
Hosted By: Tony Sakich, James Walpole, & Eric Martindale
Produced By: Chaz Ferguson
Music By: Toni Leys

Check out these links from this week's show:

Detroit: An American Autopsy by Charlie LeDuff: http://www.amazon.com/Detroit-American-Autopsy-Charlie-LeDuff/dp/0143124463
As We Go Marching by John T. Flynn: https://mises.org/library/we-go-marching
The Use of Knowledge In Society by Friedrich Hayek: http://fee.org/freeman/detail/the-use-of-knowledge-in-society

Bitcoin Payment Channels: https://bitcoinj.github.io/working-with-micropayments
Bitcore: http://bitcore.io/

Streamium on GitHub: https://github.com/streamium/streamium
Streamium on Twitter: https://twitter.com/streamium_io

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